Many men have become interested in how a plant named “Tongkat Ali” might help their bodies produce more testosterone. The lower levels of testosterone that all men experience when they grow older can sap energy and make staying fit more difficult.

For centuries or even longer, Tongkat Ali has been used by men in Indonesia, Malaysia, and throughout Southeast Asia as a virility-enhancing aphrodisiac. Understanding what to look for in a Tongkat Ali extract will make it easy to choose a suitable, effective product.

Not All Extracts Are Created Alike

The surging popularity of this flowering shrub worldwide has drawn many companies into the market with extracts of their own. Some of these, however, are likely to be much less effective than others, and even potentially less safe. Generally speaking, experts advise that buyers look for the following features in any extract made from Tongkat Ali:

  • Root-based. The roots of the Tongkat Ali plant are richer with the relevant nutrients than any other part. That ensures that cultivators and processors also charge more for this portion of the plant than the rest. Many inexpensive extracts are made mostly or entirely from Tongkat Ali stems, meaning that they will typically deliver less of the sought-after components. Buyers will almost always be better off focusing on those extracts that are made entirely from the plant’s root.
  • Purity. Another way by which less scrupulous sellers of extracts keep their costs down is to blend some amount of Tongkat Ali with other ingredients. In some cases, they will then market these products as if the added ingredients enhanced the efficacy of the included Tongkat Ali. Most who look into the matter conclude, however, that pure extracts of Tongkat Ali are much more likely than diluted or adulterated ones to produce the desired effects.
  • Freshness. Like any other natural substance, Tongkat Ali will deteriorate over time. It will normally pay to prefer extracts that have not been sitting around for an overly long time.

Buying the Best Makes a Difference

Among those who report experiencing positive results with Tongkat Ali, the most common advice is to seek out a high quality extract. Simply paying attention to these basic details will make things easy for most buyers.