Reasons to Read the Bible

There are many people today who do not know what the bible contains. And this is because they don’t bother to read the book. Many people don’t realize how practical the Bible is and this has been used by many people not only today but those who lived before us in order to live their lives to the full in this world. Here are some of the reasons why you should read the Bible each day.

One reason for reading the bible each day is so that you will know the character of God. You will never miss God in this book because it is all about Him. Many people today only have a notion of who God is but they neglect the book which contains everything that God wants us to know about Him. he Bible gives us satisfactory answers about who God is.

If you want to know what God wants you to do, then it is all written in this Book. We are a creation of God and are dependent on Him for our lives. In the Bible, God shows us how to live our lives to the full. You will find commands on How to love God and your neighbors in this Book.

You can know right from wrong when you read the Bible. It is through the ten commandments that you will know what sin is and what loving God and your neighbors means. Following the commandments of God will keep us from doing what displease Him.

Reading the Bible changes your principles in life and know the will of God. If you read the Bible you will find many principles in the world that are not right. If you read the Bible daily, then you will be guided daily in your Christian walk.

In the Bible are the words of Jesus on how to attain eternal life. This is the most important message of the Bible. It makes us understand why He had to send His son to redeem sinful people. The Bible teaches the reality of an eternal life after this life. And this is the good news or the gospel of Jesus Christ.

In the Bible we read of the deliverances of God people enduring their times of trouble. In the Bible your learn that God is a prayer answering God and he helps those who put their trust in Him. With the knowledge of the Bible, we can brave the storms that this life has to offer.

You should read your Bible each day to learn how to live your life. You can simply read a verse a day and you have food enough to last.

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