Politics, Elections, and the Post-Truth Era

Let’s talk politics and lies. Why are they so rampant today? In today’s Psych Central Podcast, our host speaks with author and communications expert Tim Ward who explains why the truth matters so much — especially regarding our elected officials. They discuss our cognitive biases, like the “halo” and “anchoring” effects, that can cause us to turn a blind eye and believe the lies we hear.

Learn about the different types of lies politicians tell and learn how can we avoid being the victims of fake news.  Click on the player above to listen now!


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Tim Ward is co-owner of Intermedia Communications Training, Inc. Based in the Washington D.C. area, he works with global organizations helping them communicate better. He is a former print journalist, and the author of ten books. Tim is also publisher of Changemakers Books. He lives in Bethesda, Maryland, with his wife and business partner Teresa.


About The Psych Central Podcast Host

Gabe Howard is an award-winning writer and speaker who lives with bipolar disorder. He is the author of the popular book, Mental Illness is an Asshole and other Observations, available from Amazon; signed copies are also available directly from the author. To learn more about Gabe, please visit his website, gabehoward.com.

Computer Generated Transcript for ‘Post-Truth Era’

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Announcer: You’re listening to the Psych Central Podcast, where guest experts in the field of psychology and mental health share thought-provoking information using plain, everyday language. Here’s your host, Gabe Howard.

Gabe Howard: Hello, everyone,

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Lifestyle medicine for all: Healthy food comes first – Harvard Health Blog

“Lifestyle medicine is only for rich people, right?” a colleague asked me several years ago, questioning my involvement in this relatively new field of medicine that guides people toward healthy habits. This has been a common misperception, for sure.

But across the US, a revitalized brand of health activism is intent on bringing lifestyle medicine to a broader range of people. This is backed by a new effort from the American College of Lifestyle Medicine to engage communities most affected by chronic disease.

The first pillar of healthy lifestyle: Food is medicine

Lifestyle medicine is an evidence-based practice of helping people adopt and sustain healthy behaviors like improving diet, increasing activity, managing stress, sleeping well, moderating alcohol consumption, and quitting tobacco. Large studies show such habits can extend our lives by well over a decade. What’s more, these habits can even keep these extra years free of diseases like diabetes, heart disease, strokes, and cancer.

Eating a plant-based diet — meaning a diet rich in vegetables, fruits, beans and legumes, nuts and seeds, and whole grains — can lower inflammation, as well as the risk of many chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, strokes, and cancer. Simply put, food is medicine. Some doctors are providing this information to patients as part of their regular medical care.

But many people do not have easy access to healthy plant foods. Especially now, they may be suffering from significant financial limitations, unemployment, and unstable housing. Or they may live in a “food desert,” where grocery options are severely limited, or worse, a “food swamp,” an area where fast food and junk food are more available than anything else. Living in a food swamp puts people at a higher risk of becoming overweight or obese.

Ways to help change

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New York State Department Of Health

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