5 Ways to Make Family Summer Memories Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic

Find the silver lining this summer based on your favorite childhood activities.

Are you feeling like your world has been turned upside-down since COVID-19 entered our lives? Uncertainty remains as the discussion of re-opening occurs, while cases and deaths continue to rise.

Many camps and other children’s programs have been canceled or have gone virtual. Parents are looking for fun, safe summer activities to keep their kids happy.

All parents want their kids to have a fun and memorable summer.

It’s important to look for the silver lining and make the most of this summer with your kids.

Here are 5 fun summer activities you can do with your kids for a memorable summer.

1. Do Fun “Throwback” Summer Activities From Your Childhood.

One definite perk of the pandemic has been re-connecting with your children while you’re forced to stay at home.

In spite of moms and dads having to juggle working remotely and taking care of their kids, many parents admit to savoring the time at home with their children.

May I suggest a throwback summer? Perhaps the kind of summer your mom, dad, or grandparents experienced when they had fewer resources than you.

I am thinking of the summers my brother and I enjoyed in the 1950s and ’60s. My parents couldn’t afford to send us to day camp, and my mother took a leave from her job to spend the summers with us.

At the time, I admit I was peeved about not going to camp with my classmates.

However, when I think back to those summer vacations, my memories are pretty fabulous. Innocence and pure joy is associated with them.

My mom allowed my brother and me to each bring along a friend. We traveled on subways, buses, and boats the entire summer.

We watched the

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