Purposeful Parenting the Infant or Toddler

Purposeful parenting can begin even before a child is born. It can even begin before pregnancy. It is recommended that a woman who plans to become pregnant begin taking prenatal vitamins at least a month prior to conception, if possible. This ensures the proper vitamin balance for optimal development and decreases the likelihood of developmental defects occurring such as spina bifida.  

Even after pregnancy, there is much to prepare before the baby arrives. The mother’s regular prenatal care, diet, sleep, exercise, and stress levels all impact the growing child in utero. This time of preparation can be great practice for a mother to begin attuning herself to her child’s anticipated needs, growth, and development. Preparing her and the environment for receiving a new bundle of joy. The parenting relationship is, after all, life long. While this relationship may produce unforgettable, profound bonds of love, it can also be deeply demanding and frustrating for both parent and child at times. 

While purposeful parenting is focused on optimizing opportunities for stimulation and growth for the child, it should not be confused with an idea of attaining parental perfection. Simply just initiating an attempt at purposeful parenting is a wonderful way to impact the growth of the child positively. It does not mean that you have to get it right every time or check off every box, do every extra activity and try every method available. It is more about cultivating a willingness to think purposefully about the impact your actions have on your child’s growth. 

The child’s brain develops more rapidly during the first five years of life than any other time period. During the first three years of life, children are mostly pre-language and learning more about the social and emotional dynamics between those closest to them. They are learning

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