The Purposeful Parenting Mindset

July is National Purposeful Parenting month. Purposeful Parenting is a movement that has gained popularity over the last decade. It is based on the belief that when the parental role is established with proactive intentionality and thorough understanding about child development, the ability of children to fulfill their potential and have more options available to them increases. 

Purposeful Parenting has strong roots in the age-old debate between the roles of nature versus nurture in development. Prior to this movement, many parents and professionals viewed growth as a kind of predetermined outcome that naturally evolved. To some extent, this is true. There exists a phenomenon of anything living that even under suppressed or dire circumstances, growth — of some variety — will still attempt to occur. But Purposeful Parenting is about how we can maximize our children’s growth and give them as much opportunity to be as successful as possible, to not only survive, but to thrive. 

While there has never been any doubt that a parent’s intentionality with their children’s growth and development influences the child’s success, this influence has previously not been emphasized quite to the extent it is today. 

When you think of child development, it likely brings to mind the earliest stages of life. Rightly so, for these are the foundations upon which all other planes of development are built. But parenting is a lifelong relationship. The principles of Purposeful Parenting can be applied to any stage of life between parent and child or even grandchild. The defining characteristic of Purposeful Parenting, no matter the stage, is that it is focused on creating conditions that meet the needs of the child for enhancing growth at an age appropriate rate. 

For toddlers, that may mean providing plenty of opportunities for physical movement and exercise as they learn to

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Protesting in the time of COVID-19 – Harvard Health Blog

We’ve known for a long time that racism is a deeply ingrained public health issue resulting in real, tangible health disparities. For people of color, racism results in unequal access to quality education, healthy food, livable wages, affordable housing, and medical care. We also know very well that COVID-19 is disproportionately impacting our communities of color. Studies show that Black, Latinx, and Native American patients are much more likely to get infected and die from COVID-19 than whites.

Research also shows that Black, Native American, and Latino men are far more likely than whites to be killed by police, the murder of George Floyd being a vivid and unarguable example. How can we not pay attention, listen, and effect change? As people stand together and raise their voices, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic means we need to do so safely.

I’ve worked on the COVID-19 wards, and I’ve seen how contagious this virus can be and what these deaths look like. It takes five to seven days to show symptoms. Seven to 10 days after that, people can get sicker and show up at the hospital. We saw this in our hospital in April, with a bump in cases two weeks after the Easter weekend. Many of us in the medical field were worried that if protesters didn’t take precautions when exercising their First Amendment right to protest, people would get sick in large numbers, likely disproportionately affecting Black, Native American, and Latinx people.

However, we now have data showing that the COVID-19 infection rate among protesters has been remarkably low: 2.5% here in Massachusetts, with our overall infection rate continuing to decline. This mirrors the nationwide trend among protesters, and here’s why: protests have been held outdoors, and for the most part people have been wearing masks and maintaining

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Alternative Health & Health

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When the corporate announced its electrocardiogram for the Apple Watch in the fall of 2018, some medical doctors and others in the medical industry outdoors of Apple reacted negatively to the news This frustrated some individuals internally who had argued for a small and targeted product launch, which concerned the medical community attending to weigh in and ask questions to cut back any potential pushback. Men Health The corporate compromised by secretly convening teams of medical specialists, including cardiologists, at its headquarters each six months or so, and by introducing content developed with the assist of docs at Apple specifically for medical doctors.

Life can get fairly busy—so busy that it seems like there merely is not enough time to get in a superb workout. Whether or not attempting to lose weight, shave minutes off a race time or bulk up on the gymnasium, many individuals think they need to exercise for an hour or more to achieve any real profit. However typically brief exercises are simpler than longer ones. …

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