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As Oliver (1994) notes, the time period multimedia has not always designated computer-based mostly media, because it does now, however originally referred to combinations of audio, visible, and print supplies delivered by various media. Now, nevertheless, the term has been adopted by the computer trade and re-defined to mean ‘the combination of video, audio, graphics, and information inside a single pc workstation. You could have insurance coverage options with UnitedHealthcare. Health For Family Explore the insurance policy accessible in your state and get fast, free quotes on coverage now.

While you’ve tried practically each diet and have struggled for years to succeed in and keep a healthy weight, what do you do subsequent? In case you’re Heather and Terry Dubrow, MD, you create your personal food regimen based mostly on slicing-edge and Nobel-prize successful science that guarantees not simply unprecedented metabolic control, but additionally an inside mobile rejuvenation with highly effective antiaging results. Then, after creating a food regimen that can rework your life from the inside out, you need to help as many individuals as attainable feel and look their greatest, so you write a ebook about it In The Dubrow Weight …

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How a Two-Time Cancer Survivor Copes During COVID-19

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I, for one, am taking social distancing seriously. My husband and I haven’t had sex since the quarantine began. We’ve only hugged each other three times. A two-time cancer survivor, I’m afraid I’ll catch COVID-19. I’ve been working at home, but he’s been going in, and I think he’s afraid he’ll spread the disease. Not that he has it. We’re quite a pair. We always stand six feet apart.

This pandemic is hard on me because I have no frame of reference for it. All I know is that danger is all around me. My mother taught me about danger when I was two and a half. We lived along the Cuyahoga River, and she’d warned not to walk down by the murky water because “bums are down there, and they’ll touch your privates.” Well, those words were enough to keep me away from lecherous bums and from accidentally drowning in the Cuyahoga.  

My Catholic faith taught me about life and death, with the Bible verse “Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me,” Psalm 23:4. Yes, with the coronavirus, we are living in the valley of the shadow of death.

It is with these two tools that I am navigating COVID-19. I guess these do make up some sort of frame of reference.

So how do I keep my head during this life and death nightmare? I rely on the things that transcend danger and the valley of death.

Below is a list of some of those timeless blessings, the things that make me

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How to socialize in a pandemic – Harvard Health Blog

In early March, when most Americans began social distancing, the hope was that life would get back to normal after just a few weeks. It’s become clear now that some distancing will be needed for many more months, or even years, to keep the coronavirus at bay. But quarantine fatigue is real. Abstaining from all social contact for the long haul won’t be a sustainable option for most people. So, how can we make decisions about socializing during the coronavirus pandemic?

Risk isn’t binary

Public health messaging over the past several months has focused on staying home as much as possible. Staying home alone or with your household members is still the lowest-risk choice you can make with respect to catching or spreading the coronavirus. Being in a crowded indoor environment is the highest-risk choice.

But risk isn’t binary, and there’s a lot in between those two options. Thinking about a spectrum of risk can help you choose the lowest-risk options for socializing that will be sustainable for you in the long term.

How can you assess the spectrum of risk?

The risk of contracting or transmitting the coronavirus depends on many factors. Here are some important considerations when you’re assessing risk to yourself and others.

  • Know what’s happening with virus transmission in your community. Try to keep tabs on what’s happening with community spread where you live. For example, pay attention to whether the number of new cases, hospitalizations, and deaths are high or low, or increasing or decreasing. Some regions are opening while these numbers remain fairly high, so you may choose to be more conservative with your social contact than the current recommendations in your area. Just because the hair salon is open doesn’t mean you have to get a haircut.
  • Consider vulnerability to the coronavirus.
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